Terrified Pup Found Wandering Alone Had A Heartbreaking Note Attached On Her Collar

Terrified Pup Found Wandering Alone Had A Heartbreaking Note Attached On Her Collar

Ghost the pup was discovered traipsing through the front yard of a random stranger in western Michigan. At first, it wasn’t quite obvious how the pup got there, but then a Good Samaritan spotted Ghost and checked her tag to discover heartbreaking news.

Ghost had a collar with a note tacked to it that indicated she had been set free by her previous family. The note was covered with plastic to prevent it from being affected by moisture. It contained a plea for someone to help take the pup home, and stated that Ghost’s previous parent had suffered a stroke.

The note also begged for Ghost not to be taken to a shelter and explained that she is a 6-month-old coonhound. The person who found ghost called up a group that specializes in rehoming dogs in need – Luvnpupz, founded by Carri Shipaila. When Shipaila found out about this case, she knew Ghost’s previous parent had loved them, but this act was a misguided one.

Luvnpupz has since placed Ghost in a temporary foster home. Shipaila, on the other hand, has taken to social media to help locate Ghost’s prior parent.

She does not want to shame them, but to show them that they could help them and Ghost didn’t have to be rehomed. She has requested for the community not to judge this previous parent, as they seem to have genuinely thought releasing Ghost was the best choice for their wellbeing.

For now, Ghost is going well with her foster family.

Shipaila hopes to locate Ghost’s original family, but if that fails, she will soon be available for adoption.

Images & Feature Image Source: Luvnpupz

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