Terrified Pup Gets An Incredible Transformation After Just Two Weeks Of TLC

Terrified Pup Gets An Incredible Transformation After Just Two Weeks Of TLC

When Ellen was picked up by a local shelter in Fresno, California, she was in horrible condition. Her health was in such a deplorable state that the shelter decided to contact Shirley Zindler, who runs the Dogwood Animal Rescue Project.

Ellen was just five months old and was severely malnourished. She was covered in mange, sores, wounds, abscesses due in part to several foxtails embedded in her skin, and her skin was badly infected. She was weak and in a lot of pain, and there was nowhere that Zindler could touch her that wouldn’t hurt due to her raw skin.

Zindler had never seen a dog in such horrifying condition, and she quickly set to work to help make her heal her. She was put on antibiotics for the infections and medication to get rid of the mites that were causing her mange. Every day, she would go into a medicated bath and she followed a slow and steady refeeding schedule.

As love and compassion poured in from volunteers and staff, she began to transform from frightened and sad to hopeful and curious.

It wasn’t long before Ellen made friends with other pups and gained a mischievous twinkle in her eye! It’s only been two weeks since Ellen was taken in by the Dogwood Animal Rescue Project, and she’s already looking so much better! She still has a ways to go in healing, but there are countless adoption offers waiting for her when she’s fit to find her forever home.

This story perfectly shows the transformative power of love and and kindness, and we’re so glad Ellen’s life has changed for the better!

Images & Feature Image Source: Dogwood Animal Rescue Project

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