Terrified Pup Locked In This Van For A Month Is Now Free To Run As She Pleases!

Terrified Pup Locked In This Van For A Month Is Now Free To Run As She Pleases!

On a street in Beirut, Lebanon, a whimpering noise could be heard from a van parked on the street. A woman walking by peered in and was horrified by what she saw.

Trapped inside a crate in the back of the car was a Malinois pup. She looked very unhappy, and she didn’t know what she could do about it, so she hoped it was a one-time event. But it wasn’t. Every time she walked by, the dog was still there, whining sadly. The dog was extremely lucky that the weather had not been hot enough to cause a severe heatstroke.

This spanned for nearly a month, and the woman knew she had to get help. When she found out about Animals Lebanon, she quickly got in touch with them. The group then contacted the Ministry of Agriculture, which would have the authority needed to take the dog from her prison legally.

At first, the Ministry representatives spoke to the pup’s parent and told him to improve the living conditions for her as was legally required. But when that didn’t happen even four days later, they stepped in and rescued the pup. The dog was overjoyed! She wasted no time running back and forth in pure happiness.

The pup now lives in the custody of the Ministry, and they are slowly working through the behavioral problems that come with being locked in one place for virtually all your life. The pup is very destruction, breaking and tearing through everything she comes into contact with.

The team of Animals Lebanon is working to overcome these issues, and the pup is now free to enjoy her life as it should be lived. We’re so glad someone reached out to those who could help!

Images & Feature Image Source: Animals Lebanon

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