Terrified Pup Tangled In A Sheet Gives Cop Who Rescued Her The Sweetest Hug!

Terrified Pup Tangled In A Sheet Gives Cop Who Rescued Her The Sweetest Hug!

Police officer Giovanni Domke of the Carabineros de Chile received a call one day that informed him of an unfortunate situation. A dog was whining and crying in the compound of her home, and neighbors, who couldn’t get in while her family was away, couldn’t do anything to help. So they rung up the police, and Domke was on his way.

When Domke arrived, he saw what had happened. The pup had become tangled up in some fabric that had been hanging out to dry. In her panic, she must have twisted and turned, only serving to get her more trapped. Domke knew he had to help, so he leaped over the fence and walked up to her with a knife in hand to cut her free.

Understandably, the pup was frightened and didn’t trust him. She was in a vulnerable position and panicking a lot, and this stranger was getting into her space. Domke tried his best to work around her as she lashed out, even nipping his hand at one point as she lunged out to defend herself against a perceived threat.

It took a while and some careful maneuvering, but Damke was finally able to cut off the last bit of string. As soon as the pup realized she was free, her demeanour changed from aggressive to friendly and she rushed up to Domke and gave him a big hug! It was obviously her way of thanking him for helping her, and apologizing for attacking him.

It may have been a seemingly simple task, but the reward of this pup’s love and gratitude makes it precious and sweet. Domke, like his fellow police officers, is dedicated to being there for those who need them most – whether they’re humans or animals.

Images & Feature Image Source: Carabineros de Chile

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