Terrified Pup Who Got Mistaken For A Werewolf, Gets A Second Chance To Life

Terrified Pup Who Got Mistaken For A Werewolf, Gets A Second Chance To Life

Most people are fairly certain that werewolves don’t exist. They’re creatures from myths, legend, and fiction. But increasing reports of a werewolf sighting near the roads and orchards in Madera Ranchos, California were popping up.

Finally, one resident of the area drove by a spotted the “werewolf” skulking by the side of the road. They took a picture of it and posted that photo on Facebook, where Megan Bowe, the founder of a rescue organization called Bowe’s Adoptable Rescued Pups, immediately knew she had to help it.

Megan rushed to the scene and found the “werewolf” in questions, and realized that it wasn’t a scary mythical creature at all. Instead, it was a German shepherd mix pup, balding and extremely thin. Megan decided to name him King and coaxed him into her car to take him to the vet.

The pup, who was just one year old, was diagnosed with scabies, a broken pelvis, a broken tail, and a number of other bad conditions, some of which were infectious. It was highly likely that the pup had been hit by a car and had begun to heal incorrectly, making it difficult for him to find food and water.

The contagious conditions meant King had to be kept away from Megan’s other rescue dogs, so he was placed in the garage with some items to keep him comfy. Megan fed him small amounts and increased them slowly, helping to gain enough weight so he could finally undergo surgery. Megan was struck by how loving he was despite his condition, as he always wanted hugs from her.

When he hit the right weight, King went under the knife and emerged safely from the surgery. Soon, he built up enough strength to go for walks, and now, he’s working on getting even stronger and healthier. There may be the necessity for surgery again in the future for his hip, but for now, the pup is recovering and eagerly awaiting adoption!

Images & Feature Image Source: Megan Bowe

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