Terrified Pup Who Was About To Be Euthanized Gets A Second Chance To Life

Terrified Pup Who Was About To Be Euthanized Gets A Second Chance To Life

Adoption success stories are always some of the most amazing, life-affirming tales that you can read online. It really is amazing how some love and compassion can save lives and change the personality of a dog really quickly!

That’s definitely the case with little Odyn, who found his loving home at just the right time. At first, Odyn was very shy and unapproachable, so much so that the shelter he was in decided that no one would like to take him home – and put him on the list to be euthanized.

But it wasn’t quite that simple. Odyn was just a small puppy in a very big, noisy shelter – and naturally, he was very scared! Another shelter saw this and took Odyn into their care, doing everything they could to find him a forever home.

It turns out Odyn’s family was just around the corner. Having just moved into town, they saw a picture of the pooch on Facebook – and just knew that he was going to be their puppy.

Alyson Gasp and her husband passed the background checks with flying colours and soon enough, Odyn was theirs. He had a hyperactive puppy sister called Luna, who he didn’t want to play with at first while he was shyly exploring.

But once he started to get comfortable Odyn really came out of his shell and became a loving family pet. A pooch on its way to being euthanized was now making so many people happy.

Share Odyn’s story with your friends and encourage them to go to their local shelter and save a life!

Images & Feature Image Source: Alyson Gasp

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