Terrified Puppy With A Broken Jaw Gets A Second Chance To Life

Terrified Puppy With A Broken Jaw Gets A Second Chance To Life

Stray puppies in India have a tougher life than most others trays. Their surroundings are very dangerous and the population of strays is getting out of control. While some people try to help them, there’s only so much a random civilian can do.

The residents of an Indian neighborhood tried to take care of such a dog by feeding her, but the puppy was refusing to eat. The reason whys he was starving herself was that she had a broken jaw, so she was physically unable to open her mouth. The people trying to help them called rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited to help the dog out.

The rescuers sent to aid her gave the puppy pain relief medicine and examined her. When they saw her condition, they decided surgery was needed. They needed to remove the damaged teeth and stitch her jaw back.

The next day, when the surgery was scheduled, the veterinarians got to work and stitched her up. The dog, who they named Sonali, responded well to the intervention. But she still needed a lot of time to properly recover. Her jaw still caused her pain, so she could only eat mashed food that the rescuers fed to her with a syringe. Thankfully, after three days she started eating on her own.

After a while, she was released back into the neighborhood who cares so much for her.

Six months after her release, a team from Animal Aid Unlimited came back to check on her, and they found a strong and healthy girl.

Image Credit: YouTube

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