Terrified Pups Rescued From China's Meat Market Will Soon Be Up For Adoption

Terrified Pups Rescued From China's Meat Market Will Soon Be Up For Adoption

Triangle Beagle Rescue has just flown in five beagle pups, rescuing them from a cruel fate. Things are looking up for these adorable pooches!

Saved from a meat market in China, these five were transported to the United States via a partnership between a rescue organization in their original country and one based in England. They were being kept to be sold as part of China’s dog meat trade.

Upon arriving in the United States the pups were brought to the Carpenter Animal Hospital in Cary. While they aren’t quite ready to be adopted just yet, they will be soon – in approximately two weeks, to be exact.

These purebred pups currently reside in foster homes as they go through health check-ups, desexing procedures, and microchipping so that they’ll be fit and healthy to find forever homes.

These pups have likely spent most of their lives in crates and are very excited to be out and about. Their foster parents are all thrilled to see how happy they are and how much their tails are wagging these days!

The dog meat trade is a severe problem in China, where it is estimated that around 10 million innocent pups are killed to be eaten annually. This new chapter in the lives of these beagles is a fantastic step for them, as, without the joint effort of all these rescue organizations, they would have never been able to live the happy and safe lives they deserved.

If you would like to find out more about Triangle Beagle Rescue’s adoption application process or would like to offer assistance by fostering or donating to the rescue group, you can visit their website here!

Feature Image Source: ABC News

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