Terrified Stray Dog Delays Train Now He's Looking For His Forever Loving Home

Terrified Stray Dog Delays Train Now He's Looking For His Forever Loving Home

Some commuters riding the Bay Area Rapid Transport train (BART) in San Francisco ran late to work this week because of a dog! At around 8 AM, a pit bull managed to get onto the train tracks.

The police and transit personnel tried to get the dog off the tracks, but the dog turned the whole thing into a game! As you can imagine, some of the commuters were a little upset at the delay, but most were more concerned about the dog’s safety. BART staff decided that shutting off the power and taking care of the dog was more important that a delay! The staff were not successful at catching the clever canine at first.

When they decided to use an inspection train to sort of guide the dog toward rescuers, that was the trick! The dog had kept the BART staff and the commuters at bay for nearly an hour! Finally, Office Tanzanika Carter was able to nab the exhausted dog! There was no identification on his collar, and there was no microchip – so the dog was taken to the Oakland Animal Shelter where everyone hopes his family will come pick him up!

If not, then the shelter will find him a new forever home. While it is unfortunate that the commuters were late for their destinations, it is nice to know that the BART operators were willing to save a dog’s life instead of making sure their customers were all on time. Thankfully, the pup is now off the tracks and in safe hands. Let us hope he finds a home soon!

Feature Image Source: FluxSauce

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