The American Kennel Club Has Identified A New Dog Breed!

The American Kennel Club Has Identified A New Dog Breed!

Most of us are aware of the majority of dog breeds out and about. We see them among our friends and family, and if not, then we have probably read about them in a doggy magazine.

Despite the novel coronavirus having put a hold on many dog shows and competitions, one event was done via the internet, and the result was spectacular. The American Kennel Club recently held its virtual dog show for fundraising. With over 700 participants submitting videos, approximately $7,000 was raised to help pet parents care for their dogs during this global pandemic.

This year, there was much excitement and a buzz after an announcement by the American Kennel Club. The club announced that the Belgian Laekenois was recognized as the 196th breed registered at the kennel. The American Kennel Club has said that since the announcement, the purchase and adoption of this breed have shot up tremendously. The club’s vice president shared his opinion, saying that sometimes awareness is all it takes for a breed to be popular!

This breed is the rarest breed of the Belgian herding family. These furry faces grow up to be about 22-26 inches tall (shoulder height) and weigh in at a sturdy 55-65 pounds. They are also known to be a highly protective breed of dog. Although this new addition to the family will not take any dog showing stages this year, it is expected that they will make their appearance at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 2021. A moment we are all looking forward to!

Feature Image Source: Wikipedia

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