The Dangers Of Fireworks: Dog Goes Missing

Fireworks are dangerous to dogs. Apart from being a fire hazard, fireworks scare our dogs, forcing them to run away from their homes. This is one such story.

Meet Tim Tamburello, an FDNY firefighter and Army veteran. Tim, who served in Iraq, found true comfort in his dog, Tango. But no one predicted what was about to happen on the 4th of July 2019. We’ve mentioned in our previous articles how dangerous fireworks are to dogs, and this is, sadly, the case of how dogs can go missing from their loving homes.

We were taking the dog from upstairs to bring him out in the back to play in his pool with his toys, to put him on his leash and that’s when the loud bang went off,” said Tim.

Apparently, Tim and his family were enjoying the 4th of July with their dog in their backyard when suddenly their neighbor began setting off fireworks just before 8 pm. Tango got so afraid of the loud noise that he ran right out of his backyard and disappeared. Tim’s property is only partially fenced and Tango, who’s usually on a leash, wasn’t leashed on that unfortunate day, and in a matter of seconds, he escaped.

He took off running like out of nowhere. I almost didn’t even see it. Next thing I know, she was screaming for him and that was the last I saw of him,” said Tim.

Tim was so heartbroken that his comfort dog had escaped because of fireworks. He said, “It’s almost like therapy, you know. Me and him just go for long walks and to the beach and the woods, and it just really, you know, he gets to my soul. I love him with all my heart…

Tango had a collar with contact information and was also microchipped. All they wanted was their Tango back, because they loved and missed him immensely. They wanted their Tango to be home safe.

Tango returned! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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