The Dogtors Are Back!

The Dogtors Are Back!

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill for over a year. As we begin to lift some of these protocols and return to normal, we see a few things that we’ve missed coming back. One of these things is Dogtors!

Now, hospitals are reopening their doors to pet therapy dogs at Dignity Health Northridge Hospital Medical Center. The dogtor staff consisted of 11 calming canines who had been out of service since the start of this whole thing. Now, they can return to providing their much-needed therapy to their patients, families, friends, and staff members.

These doctors are actual professionals and more than just cuddle buddies. They operate on schedules that dictate when they visit staff and patients to provide both emotional and physiological support. They even have their own business cards! How neat is that?

Becky Uzemech, an NHMC pet therapy volunteer shared that the dogs provide an invaluable service. Just their presence is enough to put a smile on people’s faces. They could be in the middle of a bad day, or in a rush, and just one glance at the dogtors will make them stop and be more mindful.

It’s wonderful to know that these furry creatures can help boost the mood of an entire floor. The dream is that more hospitals will begin to consider adding dogtors to their staff, and this becomes more popular, as hospitals can be both depressing and nerve-wracking at the same time. This is just one way dogs have helped to revolutionize the medical field.

Image source: Andy Holzman, Contributing Photographer

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