The ‘Find the Dog’ Challenge That Captured Everyone’s Attention

The ‘Find the Dog’ Challenge That Captured Everyone’s Attention

Natasha Saurey added Ghost to her family about a year ago, and they are smitten by him. Ghost greets them all with a smile every morning, and he’s affectionate and loving. Babies in particular have a special place in his heart.

Active and loveable, Ghost loves to play, especially with sticks; he has a passion for them.

One day when the family was out in the woods, Ghost went in search of the perfect stick. He dived under a huge pile of leaves to retrieve it and was completely buried underneath.

Saurey captured the moment on camera before Ghost emerged out of the pile. Later, as the family reviewed the pictures, it occurred to them the in one of them; Ghost was not at all visible, because he was so well hidden by the cover of the leaves.

It was difficult to locate him, and they wondered whether others too would find it a challenge. Therefore, they posted the picture on the internet, and the response was overwhelming. Saurey says:

“It was hard to keep up with comments on it but everyone was losing their minds basically… In 23 minutes it had over 500 comments and there was no way I could keep up. Even once I posted the photo of him in it and one with him circled, people still don’t believe it.”

Ghost loves to make people happy, so he would be thrilled if he knew how many people had fun with his photo.

Images & Feature Image Source: Natashia Saurey

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