The New, More Sanitary Way To Pick Up Dog Poop

The New, More Sanitary Way To Pick Up Dog Poop

After years and years of having dogs as our best friends, very few things have changed when it comes to the way we pick up dog poop. You either use the “hand in bag” method or maybe you have a pooper scooper for the yard but if you’re out on a walk “hand in bag” it is for most of us. It hadn’t even occurred to me that that there were other options until I heard about the Scoopette.

ScoopetteI learned about the Scoopette at SuperZoo in 2015. It was a massive pet expo (aka my paradise) – imagine PetSmart and multiply that by at least 30! I met Scoopette’s inventor, Steve and he showed me how it worked and what makes it so great.

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but I was surprised with what I found.

For starters, it’s easy to bring with you on walks. I run with my dogs and like taking them on long walks so for me, if it’s not small and easy to carry, I’m not using it. I immediately liked that the Scoopette is collapsible so you can clip it on your pocket or leash (it also fits in my running belt) so it’s easy to bring along and you don’t have to hold it.

It springs open easily so it’s not cumbersome to use. It holds closed with a magnet, but is easy to open just looping your hand through the handles so you can grab it with just one hand when the time arises.

My favorite part is how it makes it easier to pick up after a larger dog. It creates a bigger grabbing surface than my hand so it’s easier to pick up everything on the first try instead of going for second and third rounds, trying to pick it all up.


Plus, if you don’t particularly enjoy the feeling of dog poop through a bag, that warm poo sensation is totally eliminated because you have the Scoopette between your hand and the bag.

Overall, it’s a great poop scoop for on the go. It travels well, it’s easy to use, and it actually makes the job easier.

Here’s a video so you can see how it works in action:

The Scoopette comes in Black, Green, Orange, and Grey so you can accessorize to match your leash. It’s not widely available in stores yet but you can get it here. If you get it from A Dog’s Love, each purchase helps provide shelter dogs with 4 days of food too so that’s a win-win for everyone.

Any questions? Ask away in the comments below! I’ll share my experience.

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