The Newest Flavor In Dog Bones: Can You Guess What It Is?

The Newest Flavor In Dog Bones: Can You Guess What It Is?

You may have heard of Flavorit dog bones before. They’re durable flavored nylon bones designed so you can spread peanut butter on the sides for a little extra chewing incentive. They’re great for a low calorie treat (especially for dogs who are prone to get a little chubby) and they’re great for dogs that otherwise might not be likely to chew since you can add spreads to make it more enticing. Personally, I like them for my dogs because they’re durable and generously flavored so my fur kids are happy to chew them just the way they are. What’s even better? They really last!

Bubble Gum FlavoritThey started with flavors like mint (to fight bad breath), peanut butter (a big favorite), sweet potato, berry, and chicken, and now they’ve added a new and totally different flavor – bubble gum!

If you want to learn more about the Flavorit bones and what makes them so different, you can read about my experience here. They’re totally different than most nylon bones you can come across and my dogs like them so much, they have actually been known to choose the Flavorit over food!

Pet Qwerks, the company behind Flavorit says they decided to make a pink bubble gum flavored nylon bone “just for fun. They’re pretty cute and there’s nothing else like them…” which is so true! I don’t think I have ever seen a pink bubble gum flavored nylon bone before, but these sound like a fun thing to try and when you get them here each purchase also provides 2 days of food to shelter dogs in need.

So you can try something totally different while helping shelter dogs in need.

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