The Nylon Bones That Changed My Dogs' Lives (Yes, Really)!

The Nylon Bones That Changed My Dogs' Lives (Yes, Really)!

It all started when I got home from the Global Pet Expo last year. My luggage was filled with samples of new toys, treats, and bones for my dogs to test out. As soon as I opened my suitcase, my dogs completely forgot about me and went for the loot. They rooted around, past the treats and other edibles and went straight for these nylon Flavorit bones I got from a company called Pet Qwerks. I couldn’t believe they wanted nylon bones over food! These two are usually major chow hounds.

A Little About The Testers…

Sage, chewing a Peanut Butter Flavorit bone and hoarding a Mint Breath Bone

Sage, chewing a Peanut Butter Flavorit bone and hoarding a Mint Breath Bone

My older dog, Sage is a big chewer. She’s the kind of dog that will sit down with a bone and chew it for a good hour or so at least once a day. I’ve always given her all kinds of non-edible bones to chew on and she sets out to destroy them. She’s not a big dog (she’s a dachshund/papillon mix), but she is very intense and focused when it comes to chewing so it’s been tough to find bones that hold up well to her level of focus. I’ve often resorted to buying bones meant for larger dogs or just ordering in bulk when I could, knowing that would last her a couple months.

Now, having had these Flavorit bones for a good while now, they hold up really well. They’re designed for you to be able to spread peanut butter or other dog-friendly spreads on them, but my dogs like the bones so much as they are that I’ve never added anything.

Archie, chewing a Flavorit Breath Mint bone

Archie, chewing a Flavorit Breath Mint bone

My other dog, Archie almost never chews. He’s also a smaller dog (we think he’s some type of terrier mix) but he’s never really taken to chewing on anything. I don’t want to think about how much I’ve spent on trying different types of bones for him only to have him drop it and forget about it seconds later. I brush both my dogs’ teeth regularly and had pretty much just accepted that Archie wasn’t a big chewer and that’s just the way things were. I figured I would just brush his teeth extra well and that was the best we could do for him but today, he is out-chewing Sage! A year ago, that would be completely unheard of for him!

Mint Flavorit
That’s what compelled me to share my experience with this bone. It holds up very well against my power-chewer and has amazingly encouraged my non-chewer to chew too! I figured if my dogs have gone this crazy for these bones, surely there are other people who would want to know about them too!

The only thing is they can be hard to find in stores, but you can get them online here and each one sold will help provide 2 days of food to shelter dogs. They’re available in mint (one of my personal favorites because it’s infused with mint and chlorophyll to help with doggie breath), peanut butter, sweet potato, berry, and chicken and they start at just $5.99 each so they’re fairly priced. Just make sure you get the regular Flavorit bones and not the “Flex” if you have a power chewer since the flex are meant for more moderate chewers.

If you want to find out more about the Flavorit Bones, you can learn more here.

Don’t believe that the Flavorit can be that great? Here’s what other dog parents are saying:

“I have ordered these bones several times now, in about three of the flavors offered, and our 80 pound Labrador loves them. He’s a power chewer and the bones last him 2-3 months depending what else he has out to chew. They may last a little longer but when he chews the ends up I replace the bones. I have applied PB, yogurt and mashed banana in the bones. I’ll add pumpkin and squash for the fall. I like the fact I can leave the house with the bones out and know I don’t have to worry about him swallowing large pieces while I’m away. The bones chip off in tic-tac sized pieces and he spits them away and starts chewing again. I don’t mind paying the price of the largest bone because it lasts longer than anything else I have found to buy. I like the unique idea that I can smear a paste of my choosing for added flavor and it changes up the taste in order for him to stay engaged. Thank so much!”
-Paula S.

Flavorit Nylon Bone -Peanut Butter – I bought these for my dogs. Both are busy chewers. Every other chew toy I’ve gotten them hasn’tflavorit peanut butter lasted more than a couple of days. These, however, are amazing! My dogs love love love these! So glad I found them.”

“Our dog Guinness loved his new peanut butter bone chew. He’s not much of a chew dog, but licking peanut butter off it he does love. Highly recommend if your dog loves to chew very durable.”
-Suzanne R.

Love These for my Labs Great product, durable which is hard to find with two labs! My pups love these with or without spreading peanut butter over the little holes. I am glad we found something they like to chew that will last. Thank you!”
-Mallorie R.

I ordered the peanut butter ones and they could smell them the minute I opened the package. I’ve never found a product like this I felt comfortable with. There is a brand of chews that dogs eventually chew off chunks and I had a bad experience when a sharp piece caused a problem. That’s not going to happen with these.”
-Paula C.

I thought a bone was the strongest in the human body, well, apparently not strong enough to withstand my pups jaws. My fast growing Rotty Mastive mix chews and eats everything she can get her paws on. I’m afraid to leave her alone with any toy. That is, until I got the Nylon chew. Her favorite is peanut butter. So she loves it and will sit with it for a whole hour, with it still intact. Don’t get me wrong it may need to be replaced, but not for a few months at least. And no other toys last more than a few days without needing to be taken away because she has eaten most of it…I would absolutely recommend these to anyone with a pup who LOVES to chew chew chew.”
-Alyssa H.

Ordered days before Christmas, not expecting to receive them before the holiday. They arrived and were exactly as advertised, in plenty of time. My puppy that I am bringing home will love the pb bone as much as my older doggy boy, I am sure. Great product with an added feel good bonus as the sale helps to feed shelter dogs. I will definitely order through this company again. 😊”
-Kira P.

“Best bones ever! My Bulldogs live these and I don’t have to stress about them choking on a slimy rawhide! My dogs can destroy any you or rawhide in minutes, but these bones last month’s and months!!! I HIGHLY recommend them!!”
-Stacey L.

“My dogs loved this bone I bought the mint and chicken flavor. My one dog is a little picky and really doesn’t chew on any bones. But she loves the chicken one.The other 2 can get near it.My other dog loves the mint one.She even hides it in here bed.”
-Michelle R.

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