Therapy Dog Reunited With Family After Going Missing Over The Weekend

Therapy Dog Reunited With Family After Going Missing Over The Weekend

Therapy dogs have been shown to have the most incredible, sometimes even miraculous, effects on the ill. Various conditions are treated by therapy animals, some of those animals even being horses.

However, dogs are used most commonly, as their size provides the opportunity to have them next to you all day if need be. Over in the Tampa Bay area, lives therapy dog, Sully. Sully is a four-legged family member to the Hollands. More specifically, Sully belongs to their 7-year old boy, Liam. Liam suffers from the side effects of a brain tumor, discovered by doctors when he was a mere four years old.

Sully has been at Liam’s side through thick and thin, and John’s Hopkins All Children’s Hospital had even shared stories of the two of them meeting. Recently, however, the gut-wrenching happened. Sully was missing. When he was taken to the groomers, Sully had somehow gotten out and was lost. Mom, Laura Holland immediately notified as many people and platforms as she could.

The situation of having such an ill son is already stressful for a family, so Sully had to be found! The word got out on NBC News, and thankfully, Sully had been spotted next to a road. When he was reunited with his family, Sully was immediately taken to the vet to be checked. He was extremely dirty and needed to be shaved, but other than that he escaped with a bit of dehydration which was treated. The power of people coming together for a good deed is indispensable!

Feature Image Source: nbc

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