These 7 Dogs To Be Honored At The 2021 American Humane Hero Dog Awards

These 7 Dogs To Be Honored At The 2021 American Humane Hero Dog Awards

Get ready for October – the American Humane Hero Dog Awards Are Happening! On Wednesday, October 20th, at 9 PM ET/PT or 8 PM Central tune in to Hallmark Drama to watch the show.

The AHHDA is an event created to honor the courage and discipline of the canines that work to save lives all across the country. Unfortunately, voting has concluded, so if you want to be personally involved try voting early next year. But there is still time to become acquainted with seven of our protagonists.


First up, we have K-9 Hansel from Millville. He works in law enforcement as a detection dog. He is the first Pitbull in the States to become certified in accelerant detection, being able to recognize 14 ignitable liquid odors.

Staff Sergeant Summer

Staff Sergeant Summer from Mt. Airy is a former War Dog and Police Explosive Detective. Even in retirement, she continues to serve by spending time with fellow war veterans.

Deputy Chance

Our next friend is Deputy Chance from Cape Coral. After being rescued from an abusive household, he became working in law enforcement. He is the spokesdog for the Public Affairs Unit in Castellon and their Good Will Ambassador.

Little Man

Little Man from Oklahoma has dedicated his life to search and rescue. He is a trained SAR dog. His biggest accomplishment is rescuing an assault victim who went missing in 2020.


Next up, Henna from Albuquerque is a guide dog. She is most well-known for saving her parent from being run over by a truck.


Boone, from Hookstown, is a service dog. Even though he lost both his hind legs because of abuse as a puppy, he is still resilient. He is an ambassador for Joe y’s P.A.W.


Lastly, we have Sobee, from Holt’s Summit. She is a rescue service dog, trained in assisting her disabled parent who is a war veteran that was suffering from addiction and PTSD.

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