These Adorable Pups Love Each Other So Won't Stop Snuggling! Aww!

These Adorable Pups Love Each Other So Won't Stop Snuggling! Aww!

Jennifer Mooney, 45, will now forever believe in true love – and it’s all thanks to her dachshunds!

Jennifer, who lives in Connecticut, first fell in love with the dachshund breed when her ex-boyfriend bought her a smooth red-haired pup named Cooper one Christmas. But a year later, the pup sadly passed away, and Jennifer found herself going to a pet store in an effort to heal her broken heart. In the bottom of a pile of puppies was Henry, a dachshund who looked just like Cooper.

Despite living by “adopt, don’t shop”, Jennifer knew she had to have the 12-week-old Henry. As she began to heal from losing Cooper, she noticed something – when alone, Henry would whine and cry. She realized he was lonely and went to get another pup from a rescue. This time, it was Kiki, another similar dachshund.

The moment Henry and Kiki met, they loved each other. Within hours, they were cuddling and sharing a bed. Since then, the two have been there for each other through everything, sharing all their toys, food, and even bathroom breaks! Thanks to them, Jennifer has seen what the power of true love can hold, and they make her believe that this kind of love and affection exists. Aww!

Image & Feature Image Source: Henry Loves Kiki

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