These Dachshunds Are Digging To China!

These Dachshunds Are Digging To China!

Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers and a very important part of being able to do that was to have great tunneling skills.

Most dachshunds don’t find themselves coming face to face with badgers much these days, but that doesn’t mean they forget where they come from!

When these two dachshunds came across a couple of holes, they knew it was their duty to remove some debris and tunnel in further to see where these holes lead!

Watch closely and you’ll see one dachshund in particular seems fiercely focused on tunneling. Their mom says they are working their paws to the bone trying to tidy up the riverbank.

Actually they are hunting for anything that moves or doesn’t move!

Hennes is working hard excavating a tunnel. It’s amazing to see how he calls his brother for help and Seppel arrives to see what’s going on! Seppel doesn’t need any explanation, he just gets to work! It’s incredible to see these two in action together, doing what their ancestors did!

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Feature Image Source: TheLovie999

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