Thinking About Adopting A Puppy? Here Are The Pros And Cons To Consider

Thinking About Adopting A Puppy? Here Are The Pros And Cons To Consider

Everyone loves a puppy. I mean just look at that ball of fur, those big mesmerizing pair of eyes, that crazy wagging tail? Who wouldn’t want to adopt a puppy? Many do, and it’s not a surprise, but here’s what you should know.

If you love chocolate, puppies are like chocolate. If you love thrills, puppies are thrills. If you love… you get the point. Puppies are irresistible! And the best part is that puppies in the shelter are adopted faster than older dogs, but the unfortunate part is that many of those puppies find themselves back in the shelter when they hit their adolescent period.

Like children, puppies can be naughty and particularly challenging to handle, but of course, if you insist on adopting a puppy, consider all your options. You have to look at the breed, size and temperament of your puppy before you even consider their age. You might look at an adorable and super plump golden retriever puppy, but how would you feel when he grows to 80 pounds of super hyper and a never-ending ball of energy?


How would you feel when he knocks off your favorite mug off your coffee table? How would you feel when he’s constantly asking you to play and go out? Adopting a puppy isn’t all cons, there are pros too and this article aims to highlight some of them so make sure you read and re-read before you come to a decision.

Pros of Adopting a Puppy

  • You are in complete control of how your puppy socializes, how he is trained and what good behavior you’d like him to learn first.
  • You get to bond with your puppy form the very beginning.
  • You get a fun, playful and super cuddly companion for life!

Cons of Adopting a Puppy

  • If you fail to control your puppy form the very beginning you will end up with a fur kid with behavioral problems
  • You have to house-train your puppy and that, in itself, is a tedious process, sometimes even frustrating.
  • Everything you own will be chewed up because puppies need to chew… a lot. Whether its an expensive shoe or just your tax receipts, they will chew! It’s up to you to give them positive outlets and set them up for success.
  • They can be exhaustive! Puppies are a ball of exploding energy that almost feels like having a baby at times!
  • You have to teach them everything, to stop biting, nipping, chewing, jumping, baring, digging and the list goes on…

Well, there you have it. But if you still think that you want to adopt a puppy and you feel confident about handling them then you’re the best! Puppies are like children, they need YOU to learn how to live 🙂 Share this post with your friends too!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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