This Adorable Dog Can Balance Almost Anything On His Head Like A Boss!

This Adorable Dog Can Balance Almost Anything On His Head Like A Boss!

Harlso the Dachshund dog has become a bit of a social media sensation, and it’s all because of his very special talent – he can balance just about anything on his head. And yes, when we say “anything”, we do mean that: donuts, toys, precarious towers of cards… you name it!

It all started when Paul Lavery, Harlso’s Dad, put a squeaky toy on Harlso’s head as a joke when the dog was just two years old. Hilariously, the dog completely froze in place, balancing the toy perfectly.

And thus his talent was revealed! It was a big surprise to Lavery and Jen Scott, his partner, as Harlso had never been able to learn simple tricks or commands, but he could do this amazingly.

Harlso’s Mom and Dad started taking pictures of him with increasingly sillier items on his head. They made him an Instagram so they could show the photos to family and friends – but he started gaining viral fame!

Within 9 months, he’d racked up 14,000 followers, and he now has more than 110,000 of them! He also has an Ireland’s Social Media Personality of the Year award under his paws!

Harlso only balances items that are safe for him to balance, and he poses in every picture with a new bowtie (he owns more than 300 different ones now!).

So far, he’s balanced 99% of the things his Mom and Dad have put on his head. What a talented pooch!

Images & Feature Image Source: @HARLSO/FACEBOOK

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