This Adorable Pup Absolutely Loves His Tummy Rubs!

This Adorable Pup Absolutely Loves His Tummy Rubs!

What’s the best way you can reward a pup without the use of treats or food? The answer you’re probably thinking of is “praise”, and while you’re completely correct, there’s also another option you can use for when mere words aren’t enough – belly rubs! What pup doesn’t love a good tummy tickle?

This English bulldog pup definitely won’t be complaining if you chose to reward him with a tummy rub! He’s beyond ecstatic to be receiving some enthusiastic ones after being such a good boy today. The pup has made his family very happy and impressed them, so now he gets to have all the love, affection, and attention he wants. Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

These belly rubs are super well deserved, and that happy expression the pup wears as he receives them are just too adorable to miss! Don’t be surprised if you’re smiling just as widely as he is when you watch this video!

Feature Image Source: CuriousGeorgetheBulldog

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