This Adorable Pup Absolutely Loves Riding Jet Skis!

This Adorable Pup Absolutely Loves Riding Jet Skis!

New places mean new experiences and new things to try out, and that goes for pups just as well as it goes for humans! There’s always something new to explore and some new fun to be had.

Saskia the German shepherd pup is nine months old, and she’s visiting the lake for the very first time. Most pups try swimming on their very first lake trip, but not this pup! She’s far too classy for that. Besides, who needs to swim when you have a sweet ride?

That’s right, this pup isn’t floating in the lake – she’s riding along on her Mommy’s jet ski! Amazing! She sits prim, proper, and proud on the vehicle as it speeds along the waves. She’s a pampered pup alright, but no one can deny how cool she looks as she zooms past. Do give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and don’t forget to share it around, too!

Feature Image Source: saskiagsd

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