This Adorable Pup Can't Believe She's Finally Found Home After Being Surrendered Twice

This Adorable Pup Can't Believe She's Finally Found Home After Being Surrendered Twice

Lola was just seven months old and had already been given to a shelter twice. She had a rather sad past too, and all she wanted was a forever home.

Lola was purchased when she was very young and named Gucci Rose, and her purchaser was a teenager who couldn’t care for her and had to surrender her. She was adopted soon after, but the adopter didn’t realize how many needs and behavioral issues she had and had to return her.

That’s when Cristina Antonucci found a picture of Lola online. The pup, who has a black and white mottled face, somehow reminded Antonucci of her childhood English bull terrier mix pups.

Lola’s sad eyes really spoke to her, too, and she knew she had to help. So she decided to go and meet her, and walked into Second Chance Rescue’s facility.

As soon as Lola, who was with her foster Mom, saw Antonucci, she went right up to her and sat on her feet, peering up at Antonucci cutely. It was as though she was saying, “Don’t leave me again!” It was love at first sight.

Antonucci took Lola home, and the pup spent hours that night hugging her tightly and laying on top of her new Mom. She seemed so grateful to finally be in a safe home.

Lola had a couple of bad habits at first. She dug around the backyard, and she spent a lot of time trying to burrow her way under the fence so she could play with the pup next door. Antonucci has had her patience tested many, many times – but she knew she couldn’t let the pup down, and she refused to give up.

Today, Lola is a much-changed pup. She loves wandering around her backyard and searching for possums, and she especially enjoys playing with Lenny, her new baby brother pup! She’s loving her life in her forever home, and she never has to worry about being sent back ever again.

Images & Feature Image Source: Cristina Antonucci

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