This Adorable Pup Can't Contain Herself After Seeing Her Soldier Mama Return Home!

This Adorable Pup Can't Contain Herself After Seeing Her Soldier Mama Return Home!

The brave men and women who serve their countries aren’t just selflessly fighting for their entire nation, they’re also sacrificing their time at home with family. They often have to leave their loved ones for months or even years at a time. It’s just one of the many, many reasons we appreciate our servicemen and women so much!

Casandra Cabrera spent 10 months deployed overseas with the United States Army. She had to leave behind her family, including her mom, Robbi, and an adorable little pup named Missy May. So when it was finally time to come home, the entire family was beyond excited – but none quite as much as Missy May!

Robbi captured an absolutely adorable and touching video that shows what happened when Cabrera arrived at the airport and began to rush towards her welcoming party. Missy May immediately sensed that the person she missed so much, her favorite, was on her way.

As soon as Missy May spotted Cabrera, she immediately began jumping for joy and couldn’t contain her happiness, dashing towards Cabrera as fast as she could and greeting her with all the enthusiasm she could muster!

Cabrera first left for her deployment when Missy May was one year old, and she wasn’t entirely sure if the pup would remember her. If this cute and heartwarming footage is anything to go by, the pup certainly did! Despite the 10 months of distance, Missy May loves her just as much and hasn’t forgotten her in the slightest. It’s moments like these that remind us of just how precious the bond between us and our dogs can be!

Images & Feature Image Source: Casandra Cabrera

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