This Adorable Pup Can't Sleep Until He's Snuggling His Favorite Blanket

This Adorable Pup Can't Sleep Until He's Snuggling His Favorite Blanket

Valentin the 13-year-old pup has lived with his loving family since he was a little puppy. Hailing from Argentina, this pup’s Mom, Juli Alexakis, sings praises of his caring, sweet nature!

Valentin’s family makes him feel safe. He loves cuddles and being around the humans he loves, and he’s even memorized the family schedules so he knows when to wait for them by the door!

But there’s something else Valentin loves – blankets. When he was around 8 years of age, he was gifted a batch of new blankets from his family. These warm, comfortable blankets quickly became his absolute favorite. It started with him just constantly lying on top of them.

As a little fun joke, his family slowly started to help him roll around the blankets so he became wrapped up like a burrito – or, should we say “furrito”? What started as a silly gag quickly became one of Valentin’s favorite things. Now, he loves transforming into a furrito and has his parents wrap him up every night!

Without fail, Valentin is rolled up and tucked into bed by his family nightly. For the whole night, he remains in that position. When he started to take stuffed toys to bed, they got wrapped in with him too, and he loves it.

If he isn’t tucked in properly, he isn’t able to sleep and has to go to his family members’ bedrooms for comfort. When his family forgets, he sleeps in a room with them or in their beds. They try not to forget too often!

Valentin clearly feels safe when he’s wrapped in these blankets. It’s like a fuzzy, constant hug for him! This adorable habit is one that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, guaranteed!

Images & Feature Image Source: Juli Alexakis

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