This Adorable Pup Doesn't Want To Be Adopted Without His Favorite Food Bowl

This Adorable Pup Doesn't Want To Be Adopted Without His Favorite Food Bowl

When a family found a stray pup who wouldn’t leave their Memphis, Tennessee yard, they had to call animal control. Later named Oliver, the excitable pup was tricky to catch, but he was eventually taken to Memphis Animal Services.

Oliver was smart, could be well-behaved, and was extremely food and treat-motivated. Once anyone brought out the treats, he would sit immediately and wait to be rewarded. Of course, with this love of food came an interesting and cute quirk!

Oliver slowly became close to his food bowl, and it almost became his best friend. He began to pick it up and carry it around, and he’d take it with him everywhere. He was always holding the bowl, even in his own kennel.

There’s a chance that Oliver learned this trick from a previous family, or it might be that he hasn’t been well-fed for a while and therefore doesn’t feel safe letting go of his source of food.

Either way, staff thought it was very cute as he brought the bowl back and forth and all over the place without fail. One of them decided to take a picture and share Oliver’s behavior on social media. Evidently, lots of other people found it adorable, too, as he soon went viral and was collecting fans worldwide!

The pup soon has adoption inquiries coming in left and right, with so many people wanting to bring him home. Eventually, he found the right one, and on the 16th of April, he went to his brand new forever home, with his food bowl still coming along!

Images & Feature Image Source: Memphis Animal Services

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