This Adorable Pup Has A Unique Bedtime Routine To Make Himself Feel Safe

This Adorable Pup Has A Unique Bedtime Routine To Make Himself Feel Safe

Bentley first came to his new home with two precious belongs. They were a soft tan blanket, and a stuffed dog friend. Both items would remind him of his fellow littermates and his mama pup as he moved into his new home away from them.

The scent would eventually fade away, but these items remained endlessly comforting to Bentley. He would sleep by picking one of the items before dozing off. He is now nearly 2 years of age, and he still makes sure that his blanket always comes with him to bed; it’s part of his nighttime routine!

Bentley sleeps in Mom and Dad’s bedroom, and before the lights go out, he grabs his blanket and a selection of other items to sleep with him! Kelly Madsen, who is Bentley’s Mom, doesn’t mind – it’s come to be expected, and even though it can get a little crowded in bed when Bentley brings his stuff in, they don’t mind. Plus, he usually brings them all back downstairs the next day, so he’s clean about it!

Both the stuffed dog and blanket that Bentley loves so much have aged considerably and suffered a lot of wear, so he now happily brings more options for companions every night.

He may bring a toy he’s obsessed with along with his blanket, some empty jars of peanut butter, chewy treats or tennis balls, and even his own outfits and bandanas! Whatever he really likes at the moment, he’ll take with him.

Even more adorably, Bentley brings an item (or a few!) of his choice out when he needs to use the toilet! It’s like he wants or needs companionship at all times. Mom and Dad aren’t exactly sure why, but it’s adorable and clearly brings the pup comfort and happiness – so there’s no problem!

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