This Adorable Pup Is Doing The World A Big Favor - By Making Tasty Avocados!

This Adorable Pup Is Doing The World A Big Favor - By Making Tasty Avocados!

Diller lives on a huge horse ranch that gives him plenty of space to run and play. Coming from the litter of a rescue dog who was pregnant when saved, the pup loves the wide open compound he has to play it – and he began to love it in even more when he discovered something yummy on the property.

An old orchard not too far from Diller’s main home contained a few avocado trees that had been abandoned in the past. Diller’s Dad, Robert Moser, had attempted to grow more of them from extracted pits in the past, but without much luck, as a knife’s cuts scuffed them up too much.

But one day, Moser came home and spotted two perfectly cleaned off avocado pits resting at the foot of his favorite chair. Confused, he looked around, and along came Diller, holding a third pit in his mouth, which he presented to Moser by placing it on his shoe, then looked up expectantly at his Dad.

Moser realized that the pup had learned how to pluck the avocados from the abandoned trees, and from there, he’d discovered how absolutely delicious they are. Not only that, but by giving the pits to his Dad, the Diller thought he’d been a very good boy and wanted pets and praise!

Moser wondered if, because these pits had been cleaned off differently, they’d be able to be planted. So he gave it a shot, and what do you know – they did germinate! When Diller realized how excited his Dad was about his new endeavors, he knew he had to keep doing it. So he continued enjoying the yummy avocados and bringing the pits back for Dad.

Soon, Moser had more pits than he knew what to do with. There were saplings everywhere! So he decided to start giving them to family and friends and trading them with his fellow farmers. And that’s basically the story of how one hungry pup brought a whole lot more avocado trees into the world!

Do note that you shouldn’t give your pups a whole avocado! While they aren’t poisonous to dogs by any means, the pits can pose a choking hazard to pups who think the pits are for eating. Moser is well aware of this danger, but Diller luckily isn’t interested in swallowing the pits. If you’d like to give your pup some avocado, go for a slice as a treat every now and then instead!

Images & Feature Image Source: Robert Moser

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