This Adorable Pup Kisses Weimaraner Friend Very Thoroughly!!

This Adorable Pup Kisses Weimaraner Friend Very Thoroughly!!

Dog parks are wonderful places for you and your pup! The both of you get to go out and get some fresh air and sunshine, while at the same time meeting old friends and making new ones!

Socialization is important for your pup, and they rely on us to fulfil their emotional and social needs. As much as we love them, that can be hard to fulfil in our busy, modern lives. It’s much easier to just go out to your nearest dog park so your pup can make some friends and get some much-needed exercise!

Depending on the breed, some dogs will just absolutely love this type of socialization, just like Bruce the Labrador Retriever! You can see his tail wagging happily as he licks his newfound friend with so much enthusiasm, you’d think he was a cat grooming his friend! Luckily, his new friend, a beautiful Weimaraner, seems pretty happy with all this attention she’s getting, and isn’t bothered in the least!

Feature Image Source: Bruce The Dog

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