This Adorable Pup Who Was About To Be Euthanized Is Looking For His Loving Home

This Adorable Pup Who Was About To Be Euthanized Is Looking For His Loving Home

Back in 2016, vets refused to put Link down. The pup had been brought in by an awful family member who wanted him euthanized for no reason. Instead of giving in, vets reached out to RSPCA.

The Isle of Thanet branch of the organization was happy to take the pup in and hoped to find him a new home. But so far, Link’s search has not turned up any leads. The 9-year-old pup has been brought home a few times, but had to be returned due to not being a good fit for that family.

Link has now spent a whopping 466 days at the RSPCA, and he’s still hoping for a forever home. People continue to look over him, and no one seems particularly interested in him – even though he’s a gentle sweetheart! It may be due to his older age, his controversial breed, or perhaps even his color.

There have been some behavioral issues with Link. He is extremely excitable, so he needs to learn to be calm when out for walks on a leash. He can easily become frightened when left alone or when hearing a particularly loud or strange noise. However, the pup is very receptive to training – so all he needs is a family that is willing to put in the effort to help him overcome his quirks.

Link wouldn’t mind being in a family with children, but he needs to be the only pup in his new forever home. Staff truly hope this deserving, loving, loyal pup will find his home soon.

If you’re interested in adopting link, reach out to the RSCPA here!

Images & Feature Image Source: RSPCA

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