This Baby Girl Walking Her English Bulldog Is Adorable!

This Baby Girl Walking Her English Bulldog Is Adorable!

The general population doesn’t realize this, but bulldogs have been known to be really great with kids!

Of course, each dog is different, but this is certainly a bulldog & kid duo that seem to be happy together!

This little girl is out in the yard taking her bulldog buddy for a walk and while she’s still a tiny little girl, her big, broad bulldog is standing by attentively, watching and waiting to make sure she’s happy and doing fine.

Her dad tells her to take her buddy for a walk, and well…another thing some bulldogs is notorious for is refusing to go for walks but this bully’s reaction is wonderful!

English bulldogs truly deserve the nickname gentle beasts! As you can see on the video (on page 2), the adult English bulldog is gentle and careful not to hurt the little girl holding his leash! Such a sweetheart, and they are an adorable duo to see!

Even though he possesses the power, he also possesses the love towards his younger human sibling and is willing to listen her commands just to make her happy!

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Watch the video below to see the little girl walking her English bulldog!

Feature Image Source: Bulldog and baby

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