This Beagle Is Having His First Snow Experience EVER!

This Beagle Is Having His First Snow Experience EVER!

Snow is one of those magical things, especially if you don’t get to experience it a lot and for this sweet beagle, he is experiencing his first snow ever. He lives in Virginia Beach, VA and they don’t see a whole lot of snow there.

While he was originally ready to charge out the door into his yard, he froze (no pun intended) when he saw all the white stuff everywhere. What is this stuff? He took some time analyzing it to figure out if it was okay and safe for his family and once he decided it was alright, everything changed.

He slowly makes his way out into it though and discovers he loves it! It’s party time! He races all over, playing, zooming, and eating the snow! He doesn’t know what it is, but he sure does love it! He’ll surely miss all the snow once it melts.

See the video of his adorable reaction to his first snow on page 2!

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This is so cute!

Feature Image Source: jadedghost

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