This Breed Doesn’t Exist Today, And This Is Why We Fight Animal Cruelty (Part 2)

Do you know that there are so many dog breeds that no longer exist because of animal cruelty? The Kuri, Talbot, Molossus, Hawaiian Poi Dog, Paisley Terrier, and Russian Tracker are just a few of the many dog breeds that don’t exist anymore.

Here’s Part 1, which explains the job of the non-existent breed, the Turnspit. People from all over the world wanted to employ dogs in their kitchens, after seeing how these dogs evenly roasted meat. It was this fame that led to the extinction of these dogs – you see they started to be employed in the US, soon after. Then in 1850, Henry Bergh, founder of the ASPCA, was heartbroken to see the conditions in which these poor dogs were kept in Manhattan hotels. These horrific living conditions also contributed to the launch of the organization in 1866.

Coincidentally, this was also the time when Turnspits population decreased significantly and 50 years later, they were extinct. However, there’s one Turnspit left for people to see, and her name is Whiskey. She’s housed at the Abergavenny Museum in Wales. Experts believe that Whiskey was a loved pet who probably crossed the rainbow bridge from her forever loving home.

Here’s a short clip of what life was like for Turnspits:

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Feature Image Source: Wikipedia

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