This Chocolate Labrador Retriever Loves To Spin!

This Chocolate Labrador Retriever Loves To Spin!

This chocolate Labrador retriever loves to spin. Something has got this dog all wound up, literally!

Coco the lab absolutely loves to spin when he gets a case of the wiggles – he even moves the carpet from his spinning session, he’s spinning so hard! He also has a little dog friend around him, who is watching him weirdly – trying to understand what’s really going on and doesn’t seem to be too pleased with it! This little dog friend is carefully examining what the big lab is doing and just isn’t quite sure what to make of it.

Is this a new game the Lab is trying to play on his own, or maybe a hypnosis move?

Either way, it makes me dizzy just watching him! Somebody take this fur kid out for a run!

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Watch the video below to see the rambunctious Lab spins round and round like a spin-top!

Feature Image Source: circusitch

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