This Dad And His Dog Adorable Nighttime Routine Is Melting Hearts

This Dad And His Dog Adorable Nighttime Routine Is Melting Hearts

What parent would deny the energy their pup gives them? Just a few minutes with them is probably one of the best pick-me-ups in the world. That being said, what are you to do when your pup’s energy is a bit too much? That’s a question inspired by Lola, a lively Labrador whose energy knows no bounds.

Lola was once a dog roaming the streets of Brazil without a family, that was until José Paulo Da Silva and his wife rescued her in 2020. Two years down the line and Da Silva’s days are filled with Lola’s antics. Her dad reports that she really loves to play and things get broken in the process, but her little mistakes are endearing.

One would think her escapades throughout the day would have her tired by the evening, but the opposite is true. By the time her parents are ready to clock in for the night, Lola turns her playfulness up a notch, which compels her parents to take part in an evening round of fun and games.

Her little stunts are often caught on camera, where she can be seen skipping between her parents’ bed to her own. Her dad joins in on the fun by playing defense until she gives her parents space for what she considers being the best part- laying beside them as they sleep.

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That goes to say that Lola knows when to clock in, she just has lots of energy to spare and her parents wouldn’t have it any other way.

Image Credit: José Paulo Da Silva

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