This Dog Doesn't Play With His Toy Like Other Dogs

This Dog Doesn't Play With His Toy Like Other Dogs

Every dog parent thinks their dog is unique, but Diesel really is. He’s a 4-year old Weimaraner who loves wearing clothes, and he loves getting cucumbers as treats.

He loves wearing bandanas and bow ties the most. Whenever he gets dressed up, his tail never stops wagging. But that’s not the most interesting thing about him! Diesel has a unique way of playing with his teddy bear. When he gets it, he ignores everything else. Or maybe that’s because he can’t see anything else!

When he gets his bear, he picks it up and runs in circles, but his eyes are covered the entire time! His mom, Kelsey Bundy is amazed at the fact that he never runs into anything. It’s as though he has some sort of sonar!

She doesn’t know if the eye-covering is intentional but what she does know is that the only way he plays with his teddy bear. This may be a sign of submission or his way of trying to please his mom according to Sit Means Sit Dog Training.

They assert that dogs will repeat behaviors whenever they receive positive feedback, so if she seems pleased while he does it, he’ll likely continue. Additionally, dogs view us as their pack leaders and will do things to please us. By covering his face, Diesel is saying that he trusts and respects his mom. Whatever the case may be, Diesel is the cutest dog ever, and his mom loves him and his brother very much!

Images Source: Kelsey Bundy

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