This Dog Is Sad Because He Can't Go Play Outside With Children! (Part 2)

Here’s Part 1 of this story! When she was interviewed, Ellis explained that Pop- short for Big Poppa was a very playful dog, and before the lockdown began always went outside to play with children outside.

He was also used to receiving the attention and admiration of passersby as he is walked by his parent. However, since the lockdown began, he has had to stay inside. He has continually tried to get the attention of his old friends but has always failed. Ellis further explains that the new state of things has affected Pop’s mood generally.

She has noticed that the dog has become slightly more sluggish and sleeps much more than he used to. Apparently, Pops is unhappy.
Immediately the picture of sad Big Poppa hit the net, it went viral. On the same day it was posted, the tweet was liked 650,000 times and retweeted 72,500 times.

Instagram was not left out as the picture received more than 21,000 likes and almost a thousand comments within the same time frame. This overwhelming show of love has helped in improving Pop’s mood. Ellis has also been doing several things to cheer him up. She sings and dances for him, they go on more walks and she also feeds Pop treats- one of Pop’s most liked activities.

Ellis goes on to tell us about Big Poppa’s favorite snacks and toys. Pops loves doggy ice cream and Kong dog toys filled with peanut butter. His favorite toys are large-sized children’s stuffed animals. He really is a fun dog, isn’t he?

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Rashida Ellis

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