This Dog Is So Obsessed With Stuffing She Took Her Obsession To A Whole New Level!

This Dog Is So Obsessed With Stuffing She Took Her Obsession To A Whole New Level!

For some dogs, being mischievous and crazy began at a young age, and dog mom Stephanie Williams can attest. Her adorable and playful dog Lili had always been spirited and wild from the first day they adopted her.

Stephanie and Lili took agility classes when she was younger, but Lili became so good, she got bored of it very quickly. She is a smart dog and can get herself out of any situation if she tries hard enough. Lili recently had surgery and was recovering from it at home, which caused some issues.

Lili was given a cone in order to protect her from scratching at her wounds, which Stephanie knew she didn’t enjoy. Stephanie said that Lili would spend hours trying to get the cone off, and was sad that she couldn’t get into her kennel with it on.

She felt bad and decided that she would let Lili spend time in her own bedroom, and sleep on her bed until the cone could come off. One day, Stephanie went to check on Lili in her bedroom and to her surprise, found out that Lili decided to take her mind off the cone and start another project of her own.

Stephanie’s mattress had a large hole in it, thanks to Lili, with the stuffing all thrown around the room. She was surprised but laughed it off, filled the hole back up, placed a mattress topper over it, and carried on. Weeks later as she was doing laundry, Stepanie walked into her opened the bedroom, and found that Lili was inside her mattress, in the hole that she dug weeks ago.

Stephanie couldn’t stop laughing and snapped an adorable picture of Lili’s head sticking out of the hole!

Images Source: Stephanie Williams

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