This Dog Was In So Much Pain But His Family Continued To Ignore Him

This Dog Was In So Much Pain But His Family Continued To Ignore Him

Gigi was a dog living in absolute squalor; ridden with fractured bones as well as ailments in his fur, he truly had been through the most. One might think that he was a stray dog, but in fact, the opposite is true.

Gigi had parents, however, they simply didn’t want him anymore and so much neglect followed after. While on his last leg, Gigi was taken under the care of Sidewalk Specials who saw him through to his recovery.

Gigi’s story begins in Cape Town, South Africa, when he was given up to Sidewalk Specials he had a fractured pelvis, tick bite fever, and mange in its most gruesome stage. Mange is a common skin disease in dogs and puppies, more so ones that are stray, which effectively is what Gigi was. Despite having parents, his ailments went unchecked and contact was hardly made with him.

This neglect culminated when he was handed over with a handbag strap around his neck, helping paint a picture of his detestable home life. Thankfully, his care under Sidewalk Specials marked the end of his suffering and the start of a new chapter in his life.

Sidewalk Specials is a rescue organization that saves dogs from abusive situations and off euthanasia lists. As they have no shelter, they work on finding each dog a loving home.

This was Gigi’s fate, and so his transformation began. After weeks of nursing and visits to the organization’s vet, Gigi made a full recovery.

Soon after, he was adopted by a loving family who describe him as an active and caring dog.

Image Credit: YouTube

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