This English Bulldog Has Lots Of Toys, But This Is What He Really Loves...

This English Bulldog Has Lots Of Toys, But This Is What He Really Loves...

Buddy the English bulldog has tons and tons of toys to play with, but he won’t play with any of them because he’s in love with one thing and one thing only – the royal plastic water bottle.

As pet parents you might have noticed that your fur ball also loves playing with plastic water bottles and you might have wondered if they’re really safe for them to play with. While this is the cheapest toy available, it can be a little dangerous especially with bigger pets since they can easily tear the plastic to bits, ingest those bits, and run up large bills. So you must always make sure that you’re keeping an eye on them when they’re playing with plastic water bottles.

So how can you make sure that the bottle is safe for your fur ball to play with? According to DogTalk101, “Water bottles aren’t always safe for dogs to play with – but they can be. All you have to do is take a few precautions. Before giving a water bottle to your dog, always remove the cap and label as well as the small plastic ring which secures the cap. As with any dog toy, it is important to supervise play and regularly inspect water bottles for damage to avoid the ingestion of plastic or damage from sharp edges.”

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