This English Bulldog Is More Human Than Anyone On This Planet!

This English Bulldog Is More Human Than Anyone On This Planet!

This adorable English bulldog wants to go to sleep, but nope, not on his bed, of course! He’s standing, yes standing right by his parents’ bed hoping to catch the sleep ride with them!

This adorable fur ball wants to go to sleep but not by himself, nope that’s not going to happen! He wants to sleep with his parents because isn’t that a way of showing your parents that you love them? Yep if your pup wants to sleep with you, it’s only hi way of showing that he loves you and doesn’t want to leave your side 🙂

According to Wall Street Journal, “If you want to start a full-on religious war between dog-lovers, bring up the topic of sleeping with your dog. Everything from crates to separate rooms to under the covers and in the bed. The idea that dogs should never be allowed on the bed comes from old dominance theories which many of us ignore with no ill effects. Dogs are highly social, but they are also very flexible. They will prefer to be with the members of their social group, whether it is other dogs, cats, children, or adults. Where they prefer to sleep indicates who they consider their BFFs.”

Now take a look at this fur ball doing his best to get on the bed on page 2 below!

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