See What It's Like To Have 3 Dachshund Puppies At Once!

See What It's Like To Have 3 Dachshund Puppies At Once!

Meet three adorable dachshund puppies who were lucky enough to land themselves a great foster home with lots of love (and a great back yard)! All three puppies are little girls. Their names are Buttercup, Honey, and Caramel.

This trio of dachshund pups found themselves in need of a foster home at a pretty young age, but lucky for them, there are wonderful dachshund rescue groups all over the country! A wonderful woman took all three in as foster dogs so they could stay together as they wait for their forever loving homes.

You can see they are still pretty young and love to explore and play together! They absolutely love their back yard – that is, until they hear the dog next door bark! They aren’t sure what to make of that big bark yet and all three come running to their foster mom – help!

They are just precious little pups to watch playing in the sun! See their adorable video on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see the three dachshund puppies and their adventures!

Feature Image Source: Kathy Kelly

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