This Labrador Retriever Has Great Big Grin!

This Labrador Retriever Has Great Big Grin!

This is one of the happiest Labradors you will ever see! While waiting for his ball, this Lab has the cutest, silliest grin on his face.

He smiles the entire time, waiting patiently for his human to toss him his favorite toy. The adorable smiling face, cute and patient sit and even more adorable hanging pink tongue will make viewers smile too!

What a happy Lab!

Labs are extremely obedient and eager to learn and have a recognized place in the workforce alongside their human companions as guide dogs, explosive and drug detection dogs.

The Labrador retriever is an excellent therapy dog, a growing occupation for many breeds. These dogs bring company and joy to nursing homes and children’s care facilities!

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Watch the video below to see the happy Lab!

Feature Image Source: Shane Scarff

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