This Little Girl's Reaction To Her New Valentine Is Nothing But Heartwarming!

This Little Girl's Reaction To Her New Valentine Is Nothing But Heartwarming!

Tankers the Boston terrier pup hadn’t known love for most of his life. He was kept outside of his home in southern California, where he would cry all day. He was ignored and neglected.

Eventually, Paw Prints in the Sand Animal Rescue president Kelly Reeves was told of Tankers’ plight by a friend. She was able to convince Tankers’ family to surrender him. Despite his previously bad life, the 2-year-old pup warmed up fairly quickly, as though he knew his life was changing for the better.

Tankers was put in foster care, and his adoption details were listed online. That’s when Kat Gordon and her family stumbled across the pup on a Petfinder listing.

Of their four children, Drew, the youngest, was especially drawn to Tankers, who was listed as being good with all animals and children. Kat sent an application to adopt Tankers, but she knew it would take a while.

They had recently lost their pup of 12 years, so they kept looking as they waited to hear word back. Drew continued to meet other dogs, but for the intuitive young one, none of them seemed quite right.

The Gordons soon heard that Tankers would be at an adoption event, so they took a trip to see him. Drew and Tankers immediately fell in love – but they couldn’t take him home unless their adoption was approved. Drew was in tears as she and her family dragged themselves away.

Then, on the 13th of February, Kat received news that they had received adoption approval for Tankers! They were scheduled to pick him up the next day, on Valentine’s Day, and Kat decided to keep it a secret to surprise her daughter. So when the father of the Gordon family brought Tankers home, Drew couldn’t stop crying for joy.

She and Tankers were immediately bonded together, and it was the best Valentine’s Day present that she could have wished for!

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