This Major City Is Soon Going To Open Its First Dog Friendly Cafe!

This Major City Is Soon Going To Open Its First Dog Friendly Cafe!

Part of being a pet parent is providing your pet with mental stimulation and exercise. A great way to do that is to take them out to places, like the pet store.

Many pet stores will allow you to bring your pet and let them browse with you! Some cities even have pet-friendly cafés you can visit with your dog (or cat), some of those establishments may even have a doggie menu! New York City is finally getting in on that action! In December Boris and Horton will open in New York’s East Village. The dog-friendly restaurant was the brainchild of Coppy and Logan Holtzman (father and daughter duo)!

Coppy and Logan named their café and lounge for dogs after their own dogs. You can bring your own dog or just come and hang out with other people’s’ dogs. They plan to have adoption events at the café that a local shelter will run so, if you want a dog, you can go to the café instead of the shelter. New York regulations prohibit dogs in places that serve food, so the café has two parts, the lounge, and the café.

You can buy your refreshments in the café and stroll on over to the lounge to enjoy! There will be plenty of seating for the canines and their companions in the lounge! The lounge will also have doggie items up for sale. Boris and Horton sounds like a fabulous place to go get a treat and let your dog interact with other dogs! Who knows, you may find a BFF there too!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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