This Mom Buys Everything Her Dog Touches!

Shopping we all love. Shopping for our fur babies is particularly great as we all want to surprise them with those sweet little things we know are going to make them happy, entertained, and well-fed and sleep comfortably.

Sometimes, when and where allowed, we can take our fur babies shopping with us and let them choose what they want instead of us choosing for them.

Released recently was a sweet video of Lizzie Capri, a girl madly in love with her dog Millie, a shopping little less ordinary than you would imagine. Lizzie’s and Millie’s story is just one of those where the parent falls in love with all the dogs just because of that special one. Lizzie and Mille, also called the Miggle Wiggle, went shopping to the pet shop where the main star was Millie herself! The point was whatever she wanted and touched, Lizzie would buy for her!

What a spoiled little pup, and even crazier mother, you would think, right? Well, not really. When Millie wiggled her way around the store and picked up tons of food, beds toys, treats, beds and much more, this wonderful duo headed over to the “Wags and Walks” a rescue for pets and donated the entire shopping load for the dogs waiting for their forever homes!

This human and touching gesture of Lizzie and her Millie is a wonderful example to be followed by all and show how to love your own dog and love those less fortunate just the same.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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