This Police K9 Found A Missing Toddler In Just 10 Minutes!

This Police K9 Found A Missing Toddler In Just 10 Minutes!

A community was sent into disarray when a 3-year-old in Shelby County, Ohio went missing. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Department rushed to the scene with a very special officer: Bandit, a K9 unit member.

Deputy Frank Bleigh and Bandit, who are partners, immediately went to work as the child’s family panicked and looked around the front of their home in desperation. Bandit put his nose to work and began searching, sniffing the ground.

Within just 10 minutes, Bandit had managed to find the young toddler! His training in trailing helped him quickly located the poor 3-year-old and restore peace and relief to his family.

The dog is amazingly smart and skilled, but he has a big advantage. Dogs have a very powerful sense of smell that can be up to 100,000 times stronger than that of a human. They could probably locate a bad apple among a million barrels filled with them!

Bandit used these senses to slowly track the scent of the baby from the house front and all the way to his new location. He did such an amazing job so quickly! Without Bandit, the operation could have taken much longer and may not have even been a success. We sure are happy Bandit makes such an excellent K9 officer!

Feature Image Source: Shelby County Sheriff’s Office – Ohio / Facebook

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