This Pup Couldn't Stop Smiling When Rescuers Arrived To Give Her A Second Chance To Life

This Pup Couldn't Stop Smiling When Rescuers Arrived To Give Her A Second Chance To Life

Warehouse workers were surprised one day when they saw a tiny little puppy hiding in an old tire near a very busy road near Memphis, Tennessee. They began to leave food for the pup, but she was too nervous to allow them to get close to her. Still, without fail every day, she would smile at them from her spot in the tire.

One of the warehouse workers decided to take a picture of the puppy and post it to social media, asking for assistance. It wasn’t long before the foster coordinator of organization Streetdog Foundation, Michelle Quina, saw the post and immediately rushed to rescue the puppy, fearing that she would get spooked and run out into the dangerous road.

The puppy was found curled up on a pink blanket, and she dashed for the safety of her tire when Quina and some volunteers arrived, but they were able to catch her and bring her to the vet. The little one was named Panama – the same name as the street they rescued her from. Vets diagnosed her with worms and advanced, non-contagious Demodex mange and put her age at 14 weeks old.

Quina decided to bring the pup home and foster her. She soon realized that this pup had once had a home, as, despite her young age, Panama was already potty trained and knew some tricks. Quina infers that Panama developed mange and her former family decided not to care for her anymore.

Panama is having a blast with the other foster pets in Quina’s home. She’s extremely friendly to dogs, cats, and people, and fits right in. Although she’s itchy often and losing fur due to her mange, she’s still constantly grinning! She gets medicated baths a few times a week and wears bright onesies to prevent her from scratching herself too much.

Quina is confident that Panama’s huge personality will easily enable her to find a forever home. She’ll soon be available as a foster-to-adopt pet in a few weeks, and her skin will need some months to heal, so the new family will have to ensure she gets her medication. Meanwhile, you can help support Streetdog Foundation here!

Images & Feature Image Source: Streetdog Foundation

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